Type of Damage to the Carpet – Carpet Water Damage Repair
Carpet water damage repair can be needed when least expecting it. As luck would have it, one of our recent customers weren’t aware of the long term effects of having a plat pot on the floor and the water leaking or spilling out when watering it. This residential carpet water damage in the Sydney wasn’t a job too tough for Lindette. Let’s take a look.

How Was the Carpet Repair Made?
When we began to plan this carpet water damage repair, we had to use the cut out and sew back in method called invisible mending. This is a process of cutting out the damaged area of the carpet and then sewing in a like piece of carpet that you find either in another area of the home or from a leftover piece of carpet after the original instillation.

In This Carpet Repair, What Challenges Did You Face?
Well initially we ran into a roadblock. Firstly, it’s always easiest to use a piece of carpet that was left over from the original instillation, however in this case, that wasn’t going to happen. So our next option was to find an area of the carpet that wasn’t visible to guests or if possible even typically visible to the owners on a daily basis. Well, we found such a spot. We jumped into the wardrobe and found an area that perfectly fit the bill.

Our next challenge and the main one at that was making sure we made the repair as invisible as possible so they could get their bond back since they were moving out of their home. While it can be challenging to do that, we feel we had great success on this one and so did our customer!

How Did the Customer React After the Repairs Were Made to Their Carpet?
“I really believe the real estate agent will be happy and for us to get our bond back. That’s a great job. Thank you so much!”
Jenny, Coogee, NSW