Damage From Pets Causes Pulled Threads

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This was one of our carpet repairs in Sydney in a residential home. The pet damage to the carpet was caused by a cat pulling at the loops with its claws. I re-tufted this area with a needle and some of the same yarn by hand. The challenge is trying to make the same loop construction that is like the original which was machine sewn. Hand stitch is never as perfect as machined stitched but I can get it close. The customer loved it. The yarn that we stitched in was new and needed sometime to wear in and become a little soiled similar to the rest of the carpet. Once this is done you will never see where the new yarn was sewn in.

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Commercial Carpet Repairs Sydney

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This job was a commercial carpet repairs Sydney project that we responded to a call that a tradesperson was doing his job of installing petitions in an office when his screw caused a pulled thread in the carpet leaving a very unsightly line in the carpet. On this repair we cut out the damaged area and sewed in a new piece of carpet left over from the original instillation. It was a great thing that the carpet was new and there was plenty of carpet for us to use to make the repair.

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Carpet Water Damage Sydney

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Carpet water damage repair can be needed when least expecting it. As luck would have it, one of our recent customers weren’t aware of the long term effects of having a plat pot on the floor and the water leaking or spilling out when watering it. This residential carpet water damage in the Gold Coast wasn’t a job too tough for Lindette. Let’s take a look. When we began to plan this carpet water damage repair, we had to use the cut out and sew back in method called invisible mending. This is a process of cutting out the damaged area of the carpet and then sewing in a like piece of carpet that you find either in another area of the home or from a leftover piece of carpet after the original instillation.

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Ink Stains Caused By Dog, Carpet Repairs Sydney

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Well man’s best friend was at it again in this residential Sydney home when our client’s dog got a hold of a blue pen and caused ink stains on carpet leaving little blue dots in several places. This carpet stain removal job wasn’t going to be an easy task. On this project we had to cut out a piece of carpet from another area of the home, cut out the damaged area of the carpet and then hand sew in the undamaged piece of carpet using the invisible mending technique.

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Residential Carpet Repair In Sydney

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This job was a residential project where we performed a pulled threads carpet repair in Sydney. The damage was pulled threads that were caused by kids toys snagging on the carpet and pulling the thread. We used the industry best practice called invisible mending which means we hand sew an undamaged piece of carpet into your damaged area of carpet after removing the bad piece.

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