A DoItYourself.com article by Murray Anderson provides tips on how to fix damaged areas of your carpet. Anderson explains that you don’t have to resort to replacing your floor covering; instead you can try to patch the damage first to save effort and money. In fact, simply removing the damaged piles and affixing a graft from another portion of the carpet will get the job done.

Anderson suggests: If you have a stain that is deep into the fibers or covers a larger area, you’re going to need to replace the damaged section. Hopefully you still have some remnants of carpet that you saved when it was originally installed, but if you don’t, you can still get a replacement section from the back of that closet.

Anderson’s tips can work with virtually any type of damage, including color loss, depression, or indentation and matting. The fact that carpet sales in Australia have been declining since the last decade could mean that a lot of homeowners prefer to repair their carpet or hire carpet repair companies like Lindette Carpet Services instead of purchasing new ones. With all the materials needed for carpet repair available over the counter- such as adhesives and double-sided carpet tape- you will find repair to be the more practical and efficient solution.

Double-sided carpet tape is the easiest method for fastening the patch in place. Stick the tape on the floor first, making sure it gets right to the edge of the hole, then peel the top section of the tape and put the patch into the hole. Carpet tape will hold the patch, but over time, it will dry and lose it stickiness. Plus, it won’t stand up well to any moisture from cleaning your carpets.

If you live in Sydney (arguably Australia’s busiest city) and have a regular job, handling tasks like carpet repair can be very daunting. No matter how determined you are to get those crushed piles grafted during the weekend, you might end up going out with your family for some picnic or just taking the entire day off in your room. Fortunately, you can simply call a contractor who specializes in carpet repairs in Sydney to do the job for you.

Hiring a carpet repair company instead of doing the repair yourself has many advantages, including guaranteed excellent workmanship and time conservation. The service may cost you some money, but in return you’ll have a carpet that looks as good as new.

(Article excerpt and image from How to Repair Damaged Carpet, DoItYourself.com)