Carpet Water Damage Sydney


Carpet water damage repair can be needed when least expecting it. As luck would have it, one of our recent customers weren’t aware of the long term effects of having a plat pot on the floor and the water leaking or spilling out when watering it. This residential carpet water damage in Sydney wasn’t a [...]

Carpet Repair Of Pulled Thread Caused By A Vacuum Cleaner


This job was in Sydney Metropolitan area and was a residential carpet repair with the damaged cause by a vacuum cleaner that pulled threads in the carpet when the owner was cleaning their home. We used a technique called invisible mending to hand sew the new yarn back into the area where the threads where [...]

Doorstop Installation Causes Pulled Thread


In this commercial job in the Sydney Metropolitan area. The damage was caused when a contractor was installing a door stop. During the instillation of a door stopper by a tradesman there was a pulled zipper thread caused when drilling hole to install the door stopper. The main challenge we faced with this carpet repair [...]

Damage From Pets Causes Pulled Threads


In this residential job in the Sydney Metropolitan area. The damage was caused by a dog. I had to cut out the damaged area and replace it with spare carpet the customer had kept stored away from when the carpet was first installed. The challenges I faced was trying to match the carpet perfectly so the [...]

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