Damage From Pets Causes Pulled Threads


This was one of our carpet repairs in Sydney in a residential home. The pet damage to the carpet was caused by a cat pulling at the loops with its claws. I re-tufted this area with a needle and some of the same yarn by hand. The challenge is trying to make the same loop [...]

Leg Of A Chair Catches The Carpet And Causes Pulled Threads


This carpet repair job was a residential project in the Sydney area. The damage was pulled threads that were caused by the leg of a chair that had caught on the carpet when being pulled on and away from the carpet. On this project we used the industry best practice of hand sewing the yarn [...]

Tradesperson Installing A Doorstop Causes A Pulled Thread


For this carpet repair, we had to go in and make a repair to a piece of carpet that a tradesperson was working on at commercial project in a new apartment complex where he was installing a door stop when all of sudden the screw caught the threading of the carpet and caused a pulled [...]

Pulled Thread Along Join In A Sydney Residential Home


This was a Sydney area residential carpet repair job. The damage was a pulled thread along join in the carpet. Cut opened the seam, trimmed the damage area away and re-seamed the carpet making sure to pattern match the carpet. As the repair was on a join it creates issues and is harder to repair [...]

Gold Coast Carpet Repairs Of A Pulled Thread


This was a residential carpet repair job in the Gold Coast area. The damage was a pulled thread caused by a high healed shoe when the tenant was walking across the floor. We had to carefully hand sew the yarn back into the damaged area of the carpet. Due to this home being a rented [...]

Pulled Thread Caused When Installing A Sliding Door


This was a residential carpet repair job in the Sydney area. The damage was a pulled thread caused by a tradesperson when installing a new sliding door. We had to cut out the damaged areas and then we patched the cut out areas with some of the spare carpet the property manger had left over [...]

Carpet Repair Of Pulled Thread Caused By A Vacuum Cleaner


This job was in Sydney Metropolitan area and was a residential carpet repair with the damaged cause by a vacuum cleaner that pulled threads in the carpet when the owner was cleaning their home. We used a technique called invisible mending to hand sew the new yarn back into the area where the threads where [...]

Doorstop Installation Causes Pulled Thread


In this commercial job in the Sydney Metropolitan area. The damage was caused when a contractor was installing a door stop. During the instillation of a door stopper by a tradesman there was a pulled zipper thread caused when drilling hole to install the door stopper. The main challenge we faced with this carpet repair [...]

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