Carpet Pulled Threads


This job was a commercial carpet repairs Sydney project that we responded to a call that a tradesperson was doing his job of installing petitions in an office when his screw caused a pulled thread in the carpet leaving a very unsightly line in the carpet. On this repair we cut out the damaged area [...]

Tradesperson Installing A Doorstop Causes A Pulled Thread


For this carpet repair, we had to go in and make a repair to a piece of carpet that a tradesperson was working on at commercial project in a new apartment complex where he was installing a door stop when all of sudden the screw caught the threading of the carpet and caused a pulled [...]

Commercial Carpet Repair Of Burnt Carpet Sydney


This job was in Sydney Metropolitan area and was a commercial carpet repair with the damage cause by a falling hot coals from a BBQ that resulted in a burnt carpet. We had to cut out the damaged areas and then we patched the cut out areas with some of the spare carpet the property [...]

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