Carpet Water Damage Sydney

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Carpet water damage repair can be needed when least expecting it. As luck would have it, one of our recent customers weren’t aware of the long term effects of having a plat pot on the floor and the water leaking or spilling out when watering it. This residential carpet water damage in the Gold Coast wasn’t a job too tough for Lindette. Let’s take a look. When we began to plan this carpet water damage repair, we had to use the cut out and sew back in method called invisible mending. This is a process of cutting out the damaged area of the carpet and then sewing in a like piece of carpet that you find either in another area of the home or from a leftover piece of carpet after the original instillation.

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Carpet Repairs Eastern Suburbs Sydney

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Our Sydney Local Eastern Suburbs Carpet Repair team responded to the call of our customer in need of repair to their carpet water damage in their residential home. On this carpet water damage project, we were pretty lucky in that our customer had a spare piece of carpet from the original instillation in their garage. In this case we only had to cut a piece out of the area that was damaged and match an exact size piece from the spare carpet to sew back into the carpet.

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