Pulled Thread Caused When Installing A Sliding Door

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This was a residential carpet repair job in the Sydney area. The damage was a pulled thread caused by a tradesperson when installing a new sliding door. We had to cut out the damaged areas and then we patched the cut out areas with some of the spare carpet the property manger had left over from the original carpet instillation. As it was brand new carpet we needed to make the repair completely invisible. Otherwise the carpet would need to be replaced at huge costs to customer.

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Carpet Repairs Eastern Suburbs Sydney

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Our Sydney Local Eastern Suburbs Carpet Repair team responded to the call of our customer in need of repair to their carpet water damage in their residential home. On this carpet water damage project, we were pretty lucky in that our customer had a spare piece of carpet from the original instillation in their garage. In this case we only had to cut a piece out of the area that was damaged and match an exact size piece from the spare carpet to sew back into the carpet.

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